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Having been in the shutter business since 1989,

Shutter FAQs
we have helped thousands of customers realize the home of their dreams with custom shutter design and installation.

See below for some of the most commonly asked questions about our company, as well as questions about shutter quality, manufacturing, installation, and pricing.

1. How long have you been in business?

2. Can you provide references in my area?

3. Do you have a show room?

4. What are the hours of your show room?

5. Can you give me a price quote over the phone?

6. What kind of wood do you use for your shutters?

7. Where does your wood come from?

8. Does everyone use basswood for their shutters?

9. Do you offer any other materials besides wood shutters?

10. What are the disadvantages of plastic/vinyl shutters?

11. What are the advantages of natural wood shutters?

12. What are my choices in paint/stain colors?

13. What are your different types of finishes?

14. What are the different choices in louver sizes?

15. What size of louvers is the most common?

16. What are the different choices of hinge finishes?

17. What kind of paint do you use on your shutters?

18. What types of frames do you use?

19. Why do you not quote your shutters by square feet?

20. Can I put shutters in my bathroom or kitchen windows?

21. What is the warranty on your shutters?

22. Do you repair or repaint shutters that were not manufactured by your company?

23. How long does it take to get shutters after I have placed a shutter order?

24. How long does the installation take?

25. How do I clean my shutters?

26. Do I have to move any furniture or items away from the windows for the installer?

27. What is the difference between an inside and outside mount?

28. How are the shutters attached to the wall?

29. How do I adjust shutters that are out of reach?

30. Why should I buy from Stewart Shutters?

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